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Let's Go Eat!

Portland Chapter

Let's Go Eat! Portland Chapter
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Let's Go Eat! was started by a college student studying in Paris who wanted to break down the clique barriers and meet new people. The best place to do this, she felt, was around a dinner table. She also felt the best way to break the ice would be to pose each dinner guest a conversational question during each meal, allowing everyone a chance to speak up and express themseves.

The idea was a hit among the international students, and it has been a great success. We introduce to you the Portland Chapter of Let's Go Eat. Our first meeting was on January 29, 2005 at the Bold-Sky Cafe and Studio in the Historic Mississippi neighborhood of North Portland. Our numbers were few, but we have high hopes for the future of our chapter.

If you like food, people and conversation, join the community and check us out. Everyone is invited to our meetings. We are anti-exclusive and all-around accepting (as long as you can pay your own way). Since we are in our baby days, we are open to suggestions, including where to eat, when to meet, and how to run the club. We are novices!!! Your site maintainers are:

misshelen: Chapter President
ghotighued: Chapter Vice President.

Let's Go Eat!

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