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August 20th, 2005

05:02 pm - Sorry
This evening's dinner has been cancelled, due to lack of RSVPs of those planning on attending. Will reschedule.

Have a safe and fun Saturday evening everyone!

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August 19th, 2005

01:02 pm
Sorry it took me so long. We'll be meeting for dinner at 7:00pm at Montego Bay tomorrow. At 9pm I'm headed to a show with Sketchy Ted and The Lonesomes at the Twilight Cafe. Any interested are welcome to join me.

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August 12th, 2005

10:41 am - Success again!
Well, thanks to everyone that showed up at the Skyline Drive-In Wednesday evening. We had a good time in the cramped booths, chatting about Star Trek and TV Shows and TiVo and computer games and LAN parties (wow, we're quite the nerds!) over burgers, mushroom steaks, and yummy milkshakes. Our next meeting will be at Montego Bay Jamaican Restaurant on Saturday, August 20th. The time is TBA; I'll figure that out over the next few days. I know it's only a week away, too, but I'm anxious to get the Let's Go Eat! ball rolling. And I promise I'll have a conversation-sparking question to ask all of you during our meal. Please refer back to a previous post for info on the restaurant and its location (I'm too lazy right now to hunt down the link and insert the HTML tag). Hopefully we can get some more people there. Stay tuned for a time for the meet-up.

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August 8th, 2005

02:10 pm - Wednesday August 10
Well, our poll was a thai tie (sorry, I just had Thai food for lunch), so I'm going to have to make an executive decision. This Wednesday we'll be heading to the Skyline Drive-In Restaurant. We'll meet up there at 6:30pm and have some delicious burgers and shakes. Please RSVP if you plan on attending or think you might be able to go, so we can plan on how many seats to steal. If there are too many people and we fill the place up, then we'll just move to the parking lot and party hardy. But I think we'll manage. Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all there at 6:30 on Wednesday!

Let's Go Eat!

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July 28th, 2005

10:19 am
Ok, for the next meet-up, I'm picking Wednesday, August 10th. We have two choices: Montego Bay Jamaican Restaurant, or the Skyline Drive-In. Check out the profiles then vote on which one you want to attend first (we'll hit up both of them in the near future). But only vote if you plan on attending, otherwise you'll throw it off for the rest of us. Ready? Go!

Poll #541317 Skyline or Montego?

What should we eat for the next outing?

Good ole American burgers!
Cool runnings! Jamaican, mon!

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10:16 am - Success!
Thanks to all those who made out to Gabriel Park last night! We had a lot of fun. I completely forgot to take pictures, too, so I'm kinda bummed I don't have anything to show for it but a full stomach. I was pleased to see that everyone who attended was new to the group. New faces, yay! Thanks to everyone who brought food/drink/entertainment, too (which was everyone). I say it was a success!
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July 20th, 2005

10:43 am - Picnic/Potluck
Final details:

Wednesday, July 27th, 6pm-whenever @ Gabriel Park

Gabriel Park is located on the corner of SW 45th Ave & Vermont St.

Tri-Met line #1-Vermont services Gabriel Park from Downtown (no transfers req'd). Buses run every 15-30 minutes and the ride is 25-30 minutes from downtown.

If you need a ride there are limited spaces available in my vehicle (leaving from downtown) and others may be able to provide transportation as well.

As mentioned before, I will provide the drinks, cups, plates and utensils (and some blankets). Bring a blanket for yourself and a dish to share with everyone. Following is a list of people (that I will update regularly) who have said they are coming or would like to come, and what they are going to bring:

ghotighued + caulfield22 = Baked Brie and Brownies
boy_asunder + b/f = Cookies
evilmannequine = Vegan Mac 'n' Cheese
raindancer_jess + hubbie = Mushroom Spinach Lasagna
inkslaive + kittykatcher = TBA
winter_in_asia + elamine = TBA
jandriel = TBA
cheekyassmonkey = Chicken Tortellini Pesto Salad
expatriate = Zaru Soba (Japanese Noodles)
nthsyastkspastk = "Killer" Teriyaki Salmon
title_track2 + scud = Vegan goodies
Juliette (friend of caulfield22)
Lizzie + Mateen = something Indian

We need more main-type courses. If anything changes, e.g. you can't make it or you are planning on bringing something/someone else, please comment so I can plan well. Friendly pets are welcome and encouraged! Thanks! We'll see you there!

Oh, and if any of you need to contact me for questions or to coordinate transportation, I can be reached on AIM at questcequeheck0, by email, ghotighued@gmail.com, or by phone, 503.944.9271.

Let's go eat!!
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July 19th, 2005

02:20 pm - Here Goes!
Summer in Portland is here, and I'm hungry! Here's the deal. It's a Let's Go Eat Picnic Potluck! Details:

When: Wednesday, July 27, 2005, starting at 6:30p, ending whenever

Where: TBA, possibly Washington Park

What: A potluck, picnic style. I'll provide the drinks, blankets and tableware, and one dish. You provide the rest. Bring one dish, either a main dish, side dish, or salad, and we'll pig out. Everyone shares. Please let me know what you plan on bringing so I can makes sure that in totality it equals a balanced and substantial meal. We'll throw around some frisbees, play some games, and have a good time. Bring your friendly pets, too, if you like!

Who's in?!?
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Current Music: Roxette - The Look

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June 27th, 2005

07:52 am - Recipe Exchange
Even though I'm a poor student, my wife and I love going out to eat when we have the money. The problem is that we like to go out to pretty nice places when we go out (just tried Lovely Hula Hands about a week ago). I looked around at recipe communities, but I couldn't quite find what I was looking for. Many of the "poor" communities were little more than recipies involving Minute Rice, ground beef, canned soup and a frozen vegetable.

Solution: recipe_x_change: a community for everyone who likes eating out but doesn't have the money.

If any of you are interested in exchanging recipes or talking about the great dish you had while eating out, feel free to join.

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June 23rd, 2005

10:16 am - No, not neglect!
Well this has turned into a dead community. I must admit that Helen and I have been slacking off some in the LGE department. In fact, misshelen has up and left us for a summer in Montana. So that leaves me in charge. But summer is here and the weather is nice unpredictable. jandriel had a great idea. Let's throw together a picnic/potluck. It would be cheapest (for us poor college students) and allow maximum socializing. So, I know one of you has offered to host a gathering. Please email me (ghotighued@gmail.com) and we can work out some details. Also, if any of you have any ideas for cheap eats (especially yummy happy hours) then that can be arranged as well.

I'd like to get this back going strong again, and I'm interested in throwing something simple together every other week, perhaps alternating between a weeknight and a weekend. All in favor? Say aye!
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