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Lunch at 桜花 (Sakura Bana) - Let's Go Eat!

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October 11th, 2005

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06:04 pm - Lunch at 桜花 (Sakura Bana)
(x-posted to damnportlanders, letsgoeat_pdx and winter_in_asia)

Went to lunch at Sakura Bana today. It's a great little restaurant over on the west side (Raleigh Hills, to be exact). The sushi was awesome and the food was very authentic.

Prices, for lunch, at least, seem fairly reasonable. As someone who lived in Japan for two years, I'm all about recommending it.

Additionally, does anyone know if there's a good Portland restaurant community?

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Date:October 12th, 2005 06:01 am (UTC)
I go to the Pacific Northwest board of Chowhound, and to PortlandFood.org.

There also are good restaurant reviews and discussion at ExtraMSG.com and at Portland Food and Drink.

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